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 Voting and Polls - Must Read

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PostSubject: Voting and Polls - Must Read   Tue Jul 08, 2008 8:27 pm

This section is where every member can either post a Poll or an Election.

The guideline to post in this section is as follows:

To post a poll (for, let's say, an opinion), add "[POLL]" to the beginning of your subject/title.

In future with regards to large changes on the site - elections should have an opening date and a closing date/time

To post an election, which is something in which members vote to decide on issues of the forum, add "[VOTE]" to the beginning of your subject/title.

To post a poll or election, scroll down while creating a new topic and there will be an "ADD A POLL" tab. Click the [+].

All elections will be added into our portal system and can be viewed be going to -- this feature is very useful.
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Voting and Polls - Must Read
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